Services For Brands and Corporate Organizations

Sport sponsorship is one of the most efficient and economical ways to promote brands and products through an emotional environment. Kenyanstar helps find the right “fit” for brands to reach their respective target market and overall objectives. 

Why sport sponsorship?

Sponsors gain high visibility and a fully-comprehensive engagement platform for brand building, relationship management, and campaigning. Kenyanstar provides sponsors with a wide network of extensive opportunities. Kenyanstar helps companies create brand-related conversations across all media through sponsorship and activation strategies by developing customised presentation and fan engagement approaches. Consultation is provided on the effectiveness of sponsorship and for evaluation of appropriate investment.

Kenyanstar has broad market knowledge and proven success of supporting leading brands to enter new markets and open the door to new possibilities. Gateway services provide access and assistance, without the worry or risk. Combining advanced international experience and local operational teams, Kenyanstar offers comprehensive, professional and effective sports consulting services for businesses.

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