My Trip To Panari Led Me To A Street Children Rehabilitation Path – Fred Otieno

The Kenya Skating Team National Coach, Fred Otieno, has given a thrilling narration of how an invitation to go watch an Ice Hockey Tournament at the Panari Sky Center led him to a street children rehabilitation path.  

While speaking to kenyanstar for the Kenyanstar of the week column, Otieno revealed that the outcome of that trip is something he had never expected to happen in his life. 

“Out of my own good will i was training Baloteli how to skate. I had been doing this for about three weeks before i got this invitation to go watch Ice Hockey at Panari so i asked him to accompany me” Says Fred Otieno. 

“The next day when i go for training I found Baloteli with a host of other street children and they were all saying ‘Kochez! Tunataka kuwa skaters, tunataka kujoin team yako(coach, we want to be skaters! We want to join your team)'”

“They did not leave me with any option so i had to take them in, and just like that, we started the Sprint Skating Club” 

Fred Otieno’s full Interview will be published on Kenyanstar later in the week. In this interview he speaks about Skating in Kenya and how he is using it to the advantage of his Street Children rehabilitation program. 


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