Media Rights Distribution Services

As one of the largest producers and distributors of sports content, Kenyanstar has a reputation and proven track record in the successful distribution of sports media rights. Media coverage is the engine that drives exposure for sport. Kenyanstar helps build the strongest audiences, raise the media rights value, create effective communication platforms for brands and ultimately make the vital link between sport events and viewer.

To ensure the broadest possible exposure and high popularity, rights are commercialized from a single-source, based on in-depth market experience and knowledge; with key broadcast relationships and networks firmly in place for maximum presence and impact. 

  • Smart and market-tailored rights packaging to suit both traditional broadcasters and emerging media platforms across all markets 
  • Distribution plans and specifically-designed rights packages for media rights licensees generate the widest possible reach
  • Set-up and management of tenders and comprehensive centralised distribution strategies
  • Implementation and management of contracts across trusted and extensive network with leading broadcasters
  • In-depth knowledge of the local sports media market together with fan behaviour
  • Reporting and assessment of media rights value

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