KO’GIRLO DIVAS – Giving The Beautiful Game A Beautiful Look

Whoever said that football is a man’s game must have had a highly misplaced conception of the beautiful game. Until this year’s Kenya premier league season, no one would have ever thought that ladies, elegant ones to be more precise would grace a football match and provide support with the same strength and gusto as their male counterparts.

Most of the ladies you would notice on football fields before, were most probably those forcefully dragged by their husbands but very few were those that came in voluntarily to enjoy the beautiful game.

K’ogirlo divas is a group of young ladies who are fans of premier league side Gor Mahia. But, the group’s programmes coordinator Acheing’ Roselinder quickly points out that they are not fans but FOLLOWERS.

The group brought together by the passion to support one of the oldest and most successful club in the Kenyan league’s history was formed merely two months ago but the success exhibited is much more than the time displayed.

With only 15 members, the group has been involved in  numerous corporate social responsibility events, organising football tournaments for young children in the slums. So far they have organised two successful tournaments and are looking on to engage in more.


The team recruits ladies from stadia and social networking through a face book page, Ko’girlo Divas. The new members pay a registration fee of 500 shillings and a monthly fee of the same. They also have to adhere to a constitution that the fan group has and all the laid down procedures. The divas are looking to get more ladies to the group and are laying out plans to form a Ko’girlo Divas football team in the near future.

The group concedes that they are quite impressed to Gor Mahia’s performance last season and attribute this mostly to the influence of the 12th man. Club secretary general Leah Gondi has urged ladies all over the country to embrace football as fans contribute mostly to the success of a team.

though they concede that Kenyan football is on is death bed, the Ko’girlo Divas are out to ensure that the once powerful tool of nationl tool is back to the place it deserves

The group is looking to nurture football talent in the slums especially the girl child and are even looking on to start a football academy for the same and even sponsor talented poor children to realize their football dreams.

Finances are their major stumbling block but they are beaming with confidence that this problem is a short lived one and they will realize their vision. They are planning to foster partnership with corporate private sponsors to boost their financial status.

Parting shot, watch out for Gor and the divas next season, without Blackberry and Akumu, we will still yiengo piny!

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