Kevin Kimani

By Mwangi Gichau

This is dedicated to one Kevin Kimani
I find it really ironical and funny
That from one of the worst and the rest
Came one guy who became the best of the best

With his legs, head and chest
He put eleven goals in the net
Becoming the second best goal scorer
A big achievement for the short footballer

Kimani with the trophies smiling ear to ear
The 2011 Player of the Year
and Midfielder of the Year
Standing tall beside him Janet Wanja his sister
Behold the football future and volleyball setter

Good that coach Kimanzi noticed Kimani the lad
And well he proved his more-than-money worth
What a great and promising future he has
The real light among the Harambee Stars

Congrats and all the best Kevo, keep working hard!!



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