Kenya 7, Seychelles 0

By Mwangi Gichau

In World Cup qualifiers fellow citizen

Kenya had last won away in 1997

Now fast forward to 2011

The date was eleven eleven eleven

Seychelles’ eleven vs Kenya’s eleven

Stars beat the Pirates like small children

One two three four five six seven

Goals in Victoria odd then in Nairobi even

Three plus four is equal to seven

The new Star is called Kimani Kelvin

There is Paul Were and Waruru Stephen

To fans they are like manna from heaven


They entertained, assisted and provided

Thank you Victor Mugubi and Jamal Mohammed

Remember Pascal Ochieng with his head

Is the one who opened the flood gate

Then Dennis Oliech sealed the pre-aggregate

Not forgeting Mandela and Mulama the Magnet

Origi on his birthday kept another clean sheet

Situma and Odhi with swift right and left feet


Kenya are now in the group stage

Nigeria, Malawi and Namibia to face the rage

Kenya has captured Al-shabab and the Pirates

Next are the Brave Warriors, Flames and Super Eagles

Am told Kimanzi is tying the knot, congrats to the gaffer

But I hope the honeymoon will be after Cecafa



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