IDCC Slaps A 60-Day Ban On Muhoroni Boss Adagala

The Independent Disciplinary and Complaints Committee has slapped Muhoroni Youth chairman Moses Adagala with a personal fine of KSh200,000 and banned him from attending any Kenyan Premier League matches for 60 days.

The disciplinary body has also fined Muhoroni Youth KSh400,000.

Adagala and Muhoroni supporters were found guilty of of invading the pitch as charged by the Kenyan Premier League during their match against Kakamega Homeboyz on 26th March. The invasion caused the match to be stopped and later abandoned contrary to Rules 3.3, 3.4(a) and 6.1 of the Rules of Kenya Football.

The abandoned match was awarded to Kakamega Homeboyz in an earlier case and the tribunal has upheld this award as proper and effective.

Said the IDCC ruling: “ The tribunal finds and holds as follows: The chairman of Muhoroni, Mr. Moses Adagala and the supporters of Muhoroni breached the rules of Kenyan Football. Rule 3.3 of the rules provides that ‘Members and spectators are only allowed to attend or participate in the matches on condition that they observe the rules. Anyone who violates the rules can be ordered to leave the venue of the match. If they refuse to leave they can be removed by force and will face additional penalties and sanctions’.

“Rule 3.4 (a) stipulates the responsibility of clubs for the conduct of their members and supporters. The facts relayed above and in the oral hearing, confirm that Mr. Moses Adagala and Muhoroni Youth Football Club are guilty of the charges laid against them.”

The Independent Disciplinary & Complaining Committee (IDCC) is the Tribunal for solving disputes in the game of football managed under the auspices of the Kenyan Premier League Limited.


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