Dimmed Colourless Stars

By Mwangi Gichau

With the election of a new office in town
We anticipated a brand new football dawn
Kenya would start rising up from down
But Alas! It was not to be instant coffee

Kimanzi started off with guns blazing
But that was Oliech and Wanyama shining
The Stars’ light has become dim and fading
Or how do you explain the disgraceful Cecafa outing?

Perhaps there’s something with the name Harambee
Maybe we should change to Maasai Warriors
Tsavo Lions, Tana Crocodiles, Mara Wildbeestes
Or just the suggestive Kenya Punching Bags

Some superstitious minds blame it all on the jersey
That oh we win when in white, ah we lose when in red
Do we draw when in green? Which is our official colour?
Colourless! No wonder they beat us black and blue

They blame it on weather and unpaid allowances
Referee decisions and lack of good preparations
Lack of commitment, indiscipline and other scape goats
Give us a break, stop the blame games and give us results



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