Dar es Salaam Squad For Kenyan Volleyball Tour Named.

Dar es Salaam Regional Volleyball Association (DAREVA) has released a list of 24 players who will take part in AMACO International  in Kenya. The tournament will run for three days and is set to be held in Nakuru from May 19 to May 21.
The team comprises of 12 men and 12 women, selected based on their recent performance in the DAREVA senior league.
Ezekiel Robinson ( Makongo Secondary), Dismas Dick (Tanzania Prisons), Abel Masunga (Jeshi Stars), Johanes Mandolin (Makongo Secondary), Dennis Alphonce (CDS Park), Robinson Msigwa (Chui), Charles Okore (IP Sports), Muksin Saidi (Mjimwema), Shukuru Ali (IP Sports), Joseph Mafuru (Chui), Shabani Julius (Makongo Secondary), Joseph Mafuru (Tanzania Prisons).
Neema Ngowi (Jeshi Stars), Heavenlight Mtyaule (Makongo Secondary), Vicky Steven (Tanzania Prisons), Doreen Kabero (Jeshi Stars), Zainabu Lukindo (JKT), Janet Ajili (Makongo Secondary), Flora Stephano (Makongo Secondary), Eva Richard (Tanzania Prisons), Hellen Richard (Tanzania Prisons), Jonia Jivin (Makongo Secondary), Esther Noel (Tanzania Prisons), Sheila Magambo (JKT).



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