Cynthia Mumbo Sparks The Minimum Wage Debate For Sports Men and Women

Cynthia Mumbo, The CEO of Sports Connect Africa, has urged stake holders across the Kenyan sports Industry to set a minimum wage for sports men and women to instigate growth in the industry.

“You cannot have sports if you do not have the sports people, the people who actually play the sport. So for the Industry to grow there has to be sufficient focus on the actual people who have enabled us have the Industry.” 

“This Industry will not grow if we still have people playing just out of passion and taking nothing back at home, We won’t grow If we still have clubs playing in top leagues of various sports in the country who can’t pay their players a monthly salary.”  

“If these sports people cannot earn a living from the sports they play then naturally they will be distracted and they cannot give 100%. Consequently, the sport and the Industry at large suffers”

Cynthia also called on sports administrators to have an open mind to accommodate divergent ideas and accept criticism If the Industry is to grow.

“Our sports administrators at the Federations and even sports clubs must be open to criticism. That is the only way we’ll move forward” 

Cynthia was speaking in an exclusive Interview for the Kenyanstar of The week Column that will be published next week. 


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