Congrats Nyamweya but can you take us to Canaan?

By Mwangi Gichau

Congratulations are very much in order
To the newly elected office holders
Especially to one Sammy Ty Sholei
Vice chair where there is a will there is a way

Hussein-Sholei was the dream ticket that we all
Believed would bring back sanity to our football
But wishes are not horses otherwise we
Would now be riding on what was never to be

I have questions about Samson Nyamweya
For more than a decade he has been there
Have we seen development in the game?
Can he now take us to glory or to more shame?

Should we give him the benefit of doubt?
Or should the Arab Spring sort this out?
I need answers to these troubling issues
Being the passionate football fan in my shoes

The hardwork must now kick off in earnest
The talking should now give way to the walking
Grassroot structures need to now be put in place
And the new administrators should honour their promises



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