Soccer Nostalgia

George Finidi – The Speedy Nigerian Winger

George Finidi the speedy Nigerian winger was born in April 1971 at Port Harcourt – Nigeria. ” Finidi” means Future Full of Pils”. His combative style of play and the way he could take on defenders especially fullbacks was the most glorious thing his fans loved  while watching him play. Not to forget his vital goals when his team needed them most.

The Magical Hands Of Matthew Ottamax

Matthew Owino Ottamax is one of the best goalkeepers to grace Kenyan soccer. His antics and reflexes between the goalposts while making crucial saves during his prime time while playing were the best memorable moments every soccer fan would cherish. Ottamax was also known for effectively commanding his defenders while in goal.

Felix Makacha – Camp Toyoyo Soccer Master Piece

Felix Makacha is a name that took Kenya Premier League with storm in the 1990s. His combative style and work ethic on the field of play was applauded by many a fan.  His articulate passing skills, ball control and tackles could not go unnoticed whenever he played a match in the Kenya Premier League.