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When We Were Kings

Once upon a time Kenya ruled the roost in Africa and beyond as far as hockey was concerned. Many of the current generation do not know it but believe it or not we were ranked…

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False Start As 2017 KPL Season Approaches

Poor planning has once again punctuated the start of the 2017 season, with football stakeholders spending more time in the corridors of justice than in the boardrooms to plan for what looks like a grueling season ahead.

Gone and Forgotten? Olunga Moves To China.

I love suits. I envy Italian fashion, but majority of my outfits are Kenyan. Whenever I think of acquiring a suit, my designer who is on speed dial comes to mind. There are a number of excellent Kenyan designers coming through the ranks, and they are doing some pretty amazing work. No doubt. 

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Digitally Created: Youtube Stars

Step aside coaches, the next star will be digitally moulded, with the aid of YouTube. The video-sharing site is more popular for funny home videos rather than as a conveyor belt of talent. It might have been created in 2007 as a place to share media files, but it has over the years become a popular platform used by budding athletes to learn and develop new skills.

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The Foreign Element

The state of Kenyan football is of such immense concern to the masses today that the decay of the national team (clubs included) gives rise to greater outrage than all the scandals in politics, the JKIA fire included.

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Predictable, Poor Punditry

Exactly fifteen minutes after posting this article online, i wished i had been more critical. The subject matter is probably the most choking thing in football. Football analysis. In whatever way you look at it, something needs to change. Most local analysts are dull, lifeless and 100% watered down media puppets.

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Top Seven Sporting Resolutions

Hello, it’s January, the Monday of the year. I know you are not in the mood of exchanging pleasantries because you are still trying to shake off the cobwebs from a fantastic new year’s eve. Nonetheless, I do not want to step on a bandaged toe.  This article is meant to give you seven of the top unbreakable sporting resolutions for this year. While some of you may be on a noble quest of quitting smoking, falling in love or exercising more in the gym, don’t kid yourselves. You have a better chance of wrestling a polar bear or even milking a rattlesnake.

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Dropped! Where the Rain Started Beating These Players

As club’s flex their muscles in the transfer window, there is certainly great movement across board with clubs dropping and signing players in equal measure. AFC Leopards has this year attempted to minimize the damage, by releasing just a handful, and opting to send others on loan. Compared to previous seasons, Ingwe has managed to maintain a good number of its players. Across town, Gor Mahia has axed a sizeable number, majority of whom have been used sparingly over the seasons.