AFC Leopards just passed tougher laws to elect and oust officials

Slightly a week ago, AFC Leopards SC members met for the Club’s annual general meeting in Nairobi and passed resolutions that may alter the Club’s history as far as leadership is concerned.

Despite the poor performance on the soccer pitch, Leopards remains arguably the only Club that has managed to hold an annual general meeting (AGM)every year since 2009 despite the leadership dramas in the same period. The AGMs highlight had always been the election of officials annually before members passed a new constitution that changed the term to three years and instilled some stability. However, assumptions by the office elected in 2013 just months after the new constitution was approved saw the Club plunge into another set of wrangles and ended up in the courts in 2015.

Failure to streamline the Club’s constitution and sign up to the Sports Act 2013 threw the Club in turmoil which the petitioners Mathews Opwora won at the Sports disputes and tribunal (SDT) in December 2015 which saw the Club create a power sharing interim management committee (IMC) that took charge of the Club through to elections in July 2016. New officials were elected under a new Dan Mule dispensation with many hoping that wrangles would not haunt the Club again.

In the AGM held on June 25, the club members passed several resolutions that make it tougher not only to get elected but to kick out officials. Information obtained by Kenyanstar shows that the Club membership passed a motion that states that any one with intention to oust an official will require over a third of the Club’s “voters” to get his way. A Voter in this sense is a member who must prove to have had membership of at least two consecutive years. To add on that, the resolution must be supported by two thirds of the Club’s branches. The petition then has to be sent to the Sports Registrar as notice to get approval  before it is passed in a meeting.

The resolutions proposed by the Club’s national executive committee (NEC) sailed through without amendments.

The resolutions have generated diverse debate with some members accusing the office of seeking to protect themselves at the expense of the Club despite the poor results and also unclear financial records in the past two years where some officials have been accused of embezzlement.

The 2017 membership has shrank to less than seven hundred members from the over five thousand witnessed last year in the polls.


The Club will only have five officials with Chairperson, treasurer and secretary general elected while two others co-opted by the elected office. Officials who will seek office will need to have been members for three consecutive years prior to the election. To meet the gender rule, a if all elected were of the same gender, then the opposite gender would have to be co-opted.

With the tight resolutions, many will be hoping to see how the NEC handles the team’s results which has have seen the team drop closer to the relegation zone after fifteen matches.



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