Shame on you, KEFOCA!

By Tom Bwana

I don’t like KNUT. Yes, that union that purports to front for the well being of our teachers. Not for its clamour for better remuneration (because who doesn’t like better salaries, anyway?) but for its irresponsible operation when it comes to matters non-salaries.

Did anyone hear KNUT‘s reaction to our innocent girls who were locked by highly irresponsible teachers in a school dormitory? Without blinking an eye, because they were focused on the looming strike, the union said the issue should be treated as a normal dormitory accident!

I know of a similar association in our football called Kenya Football Coaches Association, KEFOCA. With the recent mass sackings of coaches in the Kenya Premier League, KEFOCA has come out raging with fire and foaming at the mouth in complaining at the manner in which their members, coaches, are treated by the club administrators.

I looked at the issues KEFOCA was putting across and convinced myself that this was just another union seeking relevance through other people’s tribulations.  Sure! We never hear of them in the absence of problems. Or is it a union put together to look into hitches only?

Then I laughed louder when I heard the association blaming FKF for the mass sackings of the coaches. They blamed FKF for not protecting their members well enough to avoid the mistreatments form clubs.

KEFOCA, or whatever calls itself, should know that coaches are in jobs that can only be protected by posting results on the football pitch.

Tusker released quite a number of key players in the June transfer window and Coach Sammy Omolo bravely kept saying his team was still formidable even in the absence of Paul Were and the rest. Seeing his voice tremble in the post match interviews, I could tell the brother had serious sweat to deal with at the club but was not bold enough to say so.

And did you hear what Sofapaka’s Salim Ali said upon his axing? Coaches are hired to be fired, he said. Then how comes KEFOCA is poking its nose to meddle in the affairs of coaches who know they are hired to be fired?

I hate to see the haste at which coaches take up jobs in clubs. Just after Pamzo’s exit, we witnessed the return of a man we almost forgot about. Robert Matano was hired to take over the coaching job at Tusker. Yet even before he signed a contract, he was already yapping with excitement at the prospects of his new job.

Coaches re appointed to take challenges and they should understand their contracts right from the introductory phrase. Clubs want success on the pitch and if coaches can’t deliver they get sacked. Even the national federation cannot point a gun at clubs to stick with same underperforming coaches.

It’s worse for those who take up jobs of sacked ones in the middle of the season. They yelp in excitement at being appointed yet they don’t fully understand the underlying problems in those clubs. Soon they get miserable results, get sacked miserably and run to that clueless outfit calling itself KEFOCA to fight for their rights. Rights my foot!


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