Kenyanstar of the week - Sharon Bushenei

The women league has seen more involvement. Ellen Busolo talks to Sharon Bushenei in this week's Kenyanstar of the Week.

Name: Sharon Bushenei

D.O.B: 7th june 1994

Position: Striker

Team/Club: Unattached

Best Meal: Pilau/minced meat and rice

Hobbies: Cycling

How long have you been playing football?

I have been playing football since when I was a child; I would go out with my elder brother and play with his boys. I however, started playing competitive football since high school and even represented my school at the national level.

What position did you first play and what clubs have you played for?

Sharon BusheneiI have always been a striker or should i say a forward for all the teams i have played in. Previously, I have played for Spedag FC in Mombasa and last year, (2012); I played for Matuu FC where we won the women’s league.

What is your favourite Jersey number?

My favourite jersey 11.

Who is your favourite female player in the world and Why?

Definitely, Abby Wambach of USA. She’s a lethal forward and currently stands as the second highest all time goal scorer in USA women's national soccer team after Mia Hamm who’s retired. (Catching up with Mia)

Where do you train from when you are not training with the team?

When I am not training with the team i train with the boys around my home area.

The League is about to kick off, do you feel prepared for the competition?

At the moment I am not in a team because the future of the women’s league was uncertain after the end of last year’s season. I have however been training but not with a team, but now that am sure the league will be there I will be joining a team.

The number of teams in the league has been increased from last year’s 12 to 16 teams. How is this, a good thing for the women’s league?

The increment of women’s team to 16 is good for the women's league because it now means more women are involved in competitive football and more talents are going to be discovered for our national team thus improving the women football standard in Kenya.

Have you ever played for the national team?

Yes i have played for the U20 national team..

How was the experience of representing your country at the national level for you? It felt good representing my country; there is an overwhelming feeling when the national anthem is being played and you being the reason behind it. Its an honour to play for my country and couldn’t be more proud of myself

Which countries did you play against? We played against Lesotho home and away; Zambia home and away, and finally Tunisia home and away.

How can you compare Kenya’s talent to the other African countries?

There is talent in Kenya, though what we lack is exposure and the opportunity to play more matches against other countries. It is also really hard to get the attention from FKF (Football Kenya Federation) to women football here in Kenya.

Is qualifying for World cup 2015 a possibility this time around?

To tell you the truth it will be impossible for us to qualify for world cup 2015 without proper preparation and more attention from the FKF, because they tend to ignore women football so much here in Kenya. They should try harder and offer us with more chances and opportunities to compete in international matches.

What is your best moment in your career thus far?

The best moment in my career has got to be when i first scored my first international goal for my country against Lesotho in front of my home crowd at Nyayo stadium.

What club would you like to play for in the future (locally & internationally)?

The club i would like to play for locally in future is my first club spedag fc; and internationally that would be Western New York Flash because it’s the club that the best player 2012; Abby wambach plays for and it will be an honour to play in one team with her.

What are some of the challenges ladies face in Kenya in this sport?

Some of our main problems are:

Discouragement from parents; most parents think its a waste of time for a girl to play football, of which to some extent it’s true but still i think its always good to give it a shot.
Discrimination especially from the federation (FKF); they tend to ignore women football and put more effort on the men’s team and league only.

Women football is getting recognized in the world, what can FKF do to ensure we are not left behind?

They should offer us; that is the Kenyan Women players more chances to prove that we can also play better just like the men. They should involve us more in the tournaments that are always held internationally.

For women since football is not a pro sport, most players depend on a second career for livelihood. What is your other career? How does this affect your training regime?

I was in college studying a diploma in business administration but deferred it for a while and now i am going back to continue with my studies. Yes, it always affects my training regime since i have to balance between studies and matches sometimes i miss training because of my classes.

There are a lot of upcoming female footballers who are looking up to the existing players for inspiration. What do you do to ensure you have the motivation and inspiration to pass down to them?

All i can do for the younger players is to keep the fire burning make sure that i train hard, focus on my talent so that i can be a better player and in future be a role model to them.

Who would you like to appreciate that has inspired your football career?

I would like to appreciate my mother who has always been an inspiration to me. She used to be a player as well (a volleyballer) and she would travel a lot. I would always say to myself that someday i will be just like her. She has always supported me as a player like the national match against Tunisia she came all the way from Mombasa just to watch me play at nyayo stadium. I am always grateful for having a mother like her.

What is your parting shot to the upcoming younger players?

I would like to let them know that they have a God given talent and they should use it to the best of their ability. They should never give up on this beautiful game because i know it comes with a lot of challenges. I would also like to tell them to work hard in school because one does not play football forever, there comes a time when age will catch up with you and be forced to retire and that is when books come in.


The former coach to sisters Serena and Venus Williams is set to tour Kenya.

Ahly Egypt claimed the African Club Championship trophy following their victory over Tunisia's Etoile du Sahel on Monday

Esperance of Tunisia claimed the 5th position at the African Club Championship after they downed Kenya Prisons 3-0 (25-19, 25-18, 25-19) at Ben Arous Hall in Tunis, Tunisia on Monday.

His name stood out boldly on the Harambee Stars starting lineup raising silent murmurs and grumbles among Harambee Stars fans. He certainly was a new and largely unknown figure in the Kenyan football circles.

It doesn't matter if you support his team or not. He is that player that you must just watch. His discipline and commitment to the game is unmatched. A quite figure off the pitch, with so much skill, potential and commitment on the pitch.

He has played for the best, and he says he just got started. There is no better person to tell his story, than himself. Kenyanstar caught up with Zesco and Harambee Stars midfielder  Antony Akumu for an exciting interview, where he relives his time at Gor Mahia, life outside Kenya and his personality.

This is Antony 'Teddy' Akumu's story.

Kenyanstar: Akumu, in brief what has been your story like from Kenya to Zambia?

Antony Akumu: First of all I thank God for every chance and step He has taken me through. It hasn't been easy. There have been challenges but again, challenges makes us grow to be better and get us to where we want if we persevere.

KS: You were part of a very solid Gor Mahia squad some years back. What worked for you as a team then?

AA: I think it was because of the respect which was there among us. We had different age groups in the team. It was about working, ...err, playing for each other.

KS: Which coach do you owe your success to while in Kenya?

AA: Every coach played his role for my development as a player. I thank them all... they believed in me and gave me a chance. So, they are all important and may God bless them a lot. I learnt different things from each of them.

KS: After Gor Mahia, you left for Sudan. How was it playing there and also how was it working with coach Kwesi?

AA: At first it was a challenge because of the different styles of play. However, with patience and being ready to learn, I found myself in the first team within a month.  Working with Kwesi again was another milestone in my football career because he was and still is a big coach. He gave me a chance and believed in me a lot. He was approachable. We were very close.  The only challenge for me in Sudan was language barrier and food. But in football we speak one language. I thank God for giving me that chance to play in Sudan because it takes a strong heart to play in such a country. Playing there made me tough, I think.

KS: What was your relationship like with the assistant coach? Is he the reason why you left?

AA: I don't want to talk about what happened between myself  and the coach. But also I wanted a new challenge that’s why I left.

KS: Zesco- You have been doing well so far. What’s the secret for you at Zesco?

AA: (Laughs). Thank you. I don't think there is any secret in football. It's all about hard work, and taking time off to rest too.  While here, you also need to work twice than the locals. It's also all about full concentration knowing that you are a foreigner. It's about passion for the game. It's also about strong desire to achieve something at the end of the day. 

KS: Tactically - What would you say makes a good midfielder like you?

AA: (Pauses and thinks..) No secret again because football is played in broad daylight. A good midfielder is one who is ready to accept his mistakes and be ready to learn. One who follows instructions and takes every chance given.

KS: You have been said to be so humble and down to earth. Fans say that fame hasn't gotten to your head and you hardly have any off pitch issues. Kindly tell us about this bit of your life.

AA: I don't brag about that, but most people have told me about that bit of my life. I am one person who doesn't like sideshows or scandals. I don't go out. I am  always indoors if not training or playing. I think that could be a reason. I also don't like people calling me a  celebrity because I  am not. I am normal just like them. If fame comes into your head, you'll start being arrogant and proud. It’s wiser not to allow it get to your head.

KS: How different is the Zambian League from the Kenyan Premier League?

AA: The Zambian league is more developed than the Kenyan league because football here is taken seriously and footballers are respected everywhere. Players also get good money which is good for them.  If in Kenya we can keep politics out of soccer and start acting on the small issues that hinders soccer development, I think we can start moving from point A to B. Stakeholders and football directors should know that football is a career just like any other office job. The only difference is that, football is a short career.

KS: Harambee Stars - You are a regular face there. How is it playing in the national team?

AA: I thank God. He is the reason why I am there. I got one chance, and I  proved that I can give something. Representing your country is the best feeling in any industry. However, in football it's more enjoyable because you wear the national team colours and  people are watching and cheering you.God has been faithful.

KS: You are in good form plus age is on your side. Where are we likely to see in the next couple of years?

AA: I can't reveal it for sure because I  am still contracted to Zesco. If a good offer comes, be it in Africa, Europe or Asia, why not? I believe something better will present itself at the right time. But as per now, my full concentration is to give my best each and everyday and help Zesco achieve its objectives.

KS: Any closing words?

AA: To my loyal fans, I wish to thank them  a lot for their  support and encouragement. May the Almighty give you good health and prosperity in your endeavours.  

KS: Thanks Antony! Have a great time ahead in Zambia!

Peter Shilton roared big with a game-high 37 points to help Strathmore Blades beat Lions Basketball Club 78-65 on Sunday and register their second straight win. He successfully shot seven times at the three-point line for 21 points.

In the first quarter, Shilton scored 19 points as Strathmore Blades won 28-15 with a record five three-pointers. Strathmore Blades led 45-32 at halftime after the second quarter tied 17-17.

The students maintained their lead in the third quarter with a 17-12 win before the  Lions won the fourth 21-16. John Ocholla scored 24 points for Lions while Dennis Opiyo made three three-pointers to add 18 points.

In another game, United States International University- Africa (USIU-A) finally had the win after beating Trailblazers 84-68. USIU-A are without dependable big-man Kevin Kigotho who joined Co-operative Bank and struggled only to come alive in the fourth quarter.

Fredrick Onono came off the bench to inspire the students in a big way. Despite scoring six points only, the points were critical in helping a turnaround for USIU-A.

He sunk a three-point shot with the buzzer at the close of the third quarter to give USIU-A a deserved 58-57 lead going to the last quarter.

They had played second-fiddle to Trailblazers for a long period. His second three-pointer was a carbon-copy of the first one coming with the fulltime buzzer much to the delight of fans who had pressured for his fielding.

In the first quarter, USIU-A won 21-18 after taking the lead with few minutes to the whistle.

Trailblazers had opened up a 7-point lead of 13-6 but Alvin Nyangweso made a three-pointer for 14-13 to the students. He added another three-pointer and a second from Alex Ramazani for the comeback as they went 17-13.

Before that, Trailblazers had led 2-0, 4-2 and 6-4 with ties of 2-2 and 4-4. The second quarter was a contest enough as Trailblazers fought back their way to the lead.

With 4:03 on the clock, Chris Katimbwa made a basket to tie 30-30 and Brian Oyoo gave them the lead with a basket 3:30 to play. Trailblazers went on to claim the quarter 22-17.

When play resumed, they went eight points clear leading 55-47 but USIU-A kept the chase until Onono brought in his magic and eventually won 20-17.

The fourth quarter was for USIU-A and they pressed hard to deny Trailblazers possession. They opened up a lead of 16 points at 81-65 which they held onto the final whistle.

Alex Ramazani top scored for USIU-A with 29 points while Alvin Nyangweso made 13 free shots to finish with 25 points. Katimbwa scored 15 points for Trailblazers, Present Orengo added 14 and Alex Oguso finished with 12.

USIU-A lost 66-74 to Co-op Bank on Saturday while Trailblazers beat KCA-U 76-72.

Other results of the weekend saw Nairobi City Thunder beat Equity Bank 78-65. University of Nairobi’s Terrorist was awarded a 20-0 walkover against Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) who failed to turn up for the men’s Division I game.

In the women’s Premier League, Eagle Wings beat Storms 54-51 while Equity Bank won 60-37 away to Western Delight.

In the women’s Division I, JKUAT won 42-36 against Gladiators and Strathmore University beat KCA-U 42-21.

Source -- Sports News Arena

A friendly match between Ivory Coast and Senegal was abandoned after 88 minutes after crowd trouble spilled onto the pitch with dozens of fans invading the field of play and confronting players.

Abramovich promised Hazard €200m for reinforcements so he stays at CFC but Eden is clear - If Real Madrid come calling, he leaves!

Revered Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes wants Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney to stay at United.

Monaco have reportedly slapped a £130m price tag on their wonderkid Kylian Mbappe to ward off interest from a host of Europe’s biggest clubs

Good news for the Blues! Eden Hazard is reportedly set to return to training next week as he continues his recovery from a calf injury.

Liverpool will welcome back Steven Gerrard this Saturday as the adored son of the Kop makes a return to his boyhood Club.

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However, despite the victory, all is not well at the Santiago Bernabeu. Spanish outlet Diario Gol claimed yesterday that Ronaldo was fuming with Zinedine Zidane for substituting him late on.

The former Manchester United star provided the assist for Benzema's goal but was replaced by Isco in the 79th minute. It was said that Ronaldo believed Bale should have been substituted instead after an abject display.

But Diario Gol claim Bale was also angry after the game. The former Tottenham star's stock is rising in Spain after helping Madrid win the Champions League twice in the past three years. And the Wales international reportedly believes Ronaldo is preventing him from becoming the club's main man.

Bale has to play on the left wing due to Ronaldo's desire to play further up the field. He feels that Zidane is making a mistake by deploying him in that position as he prefers to play on the right, where he can cut inside.

Club chief Florentino Perez is now monitoring the situation as Madrid's two biggest stars aim to do outdo the other. 

The Kroenke camp are big fans of Arsenal’s all-time leading goalscorer is particularly close to the influential Josh, who was appointed to the club’s board as a non-executive director in 2013.

The Argentine striker scored 91 goals in 146 games for the Partenopei, including 36 Serie A goals in 35 games last season. However, ‘Pipita’ then left for Juventus when the Bianconeri activated his €90m release clause, causing fury in Naples.

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France’s national railway company, SNCF, and professional and financial services group Deloitte have signed up as official supporters of France’s bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023.

SNCF will advise the French Rugby Federation (FFR) on transport and sustainable mobility options, and support the implementation of a ticketing strategy for the World Cup.

The company will also provide logistical support to the FFR during different stages of the application process while promoting the bid both nationally and internationally.

Deloitte’s French division will work with the FFR on drafting budgets and financing plans for the event.

FFR president Bernard Laporte said: “(We are) very pleased to be able to count on the expertise of these two companies with world-renowned know-how to help us in our application. This support again illustrates the strong mobilisation of the economic world behind #France2023.”

France faces competition from Ireland and South Africa in its bid to stage the 2023 World Cup. The World Rugby Council will select the winning bid on November 15.