Archive Management 

Kenyanstar supports rights holders to offer a versatile service to broadcasters keen to exploit video archive material. Comprehensive one-stop shop ensures build, index and management of sports video libraries of any scale. 

Sponsorship & Commercialisation

Kenyanstar works closely with rights holders to grow sport and its commercial value, creating more attractive event platforms and adding true value for commercial partners and fans. 

Branding & Promotion

Comprehensive communication, branding and promotional services enhance sports events in popularity and prosperity.

Event Development & Operations

A broad spectrum of services holds the capacity to transform events into highly competitive, world-class platforms. Assistance is offered that covers the technical development of athletes to the operation of events. 

Hospitality Sales & Implementation

As a full-service provider Kenyanstar consults, develops, sells and implements professional sports hospitality packages. 

Live Advertising Solutions

Kenyanstar offers event organisers a full inventory of cutting-edge live advertising solutions - ranging from state-of-the-art LED systems to static boards. An experienced team implements highest quality solutions at tens of events every year. 

Mascot Development & Logo Design

An effective event logo or mascot requires extensive research, creativity and innovation. Kenyanstar has proven experience developing logos and mascots that perfectly embody the sport and elevate the fan experience.

As one of the leading producers and distributors of high quality sports content, Kenyanstar provides access to the Kenya's best sports properties. Kenyanstar understands the needs of the local media community and has the experience and capacity to tailor productions of any scale - developing convenient and coherent, high quality content. 

Kenyanstar helps to make the vital link between event and viewer, transforming the way sport is perceived. The sheer quality and variety of our offering has been shaped by over 5 years of experience in major sports events.

From live coverage, programming, to archive services and digital solutions, Kenyanstar has dedicated teams of experts covering all aspects of media production and distribution. Through major event experience and a variety of tailor-made services, Kenyanstar understands the unique nature of each sport to deliver the best media solution.

A players “marketability” has often been overlooked by professional athletes and agents, but often this “attribute” is one of the most important elements to scoring endorsements, sponsors and partnerships. With the assistance of our marketing team that focuses on your image and how your branded to the public, a Player can become a shining example of how a professional athlete should appear before the public and media.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good website is worth millions. We specialize in designing websites for retired and active athletes. Our Team can take your Brand and Marketing Strategy to the next level.

Off the field altercations can damage the image of an athlete, but with the right reputation management an athlete can recover from the media blitz. our team can help turn around your brand and image.

As one of the largest producers and distributors of sports content, Kenyanstar has a reputation and proven track record in the successful distribution of sports media rights. Media coverage is the engine that drives exposure for sport. Kenyanstar helps build the strongest audiences, raise the media rights value, create effective communication platforms for brands and ultimately make the vital link between sport events and viewer.

To ensure the broadest possible exposure and high popularity, rights are commercialized from a single-source, based on in-depth market experience and knowledge; with key broadcast relationships and networks firmly in place for maximum presence and impact. 

  • Smart and market-tailored rights packaging to suit both traditional broadcasters and emerging media platforms across all markets 
  • Distribution plans and specifically-designed rights packages for media rights licensees generate the widest possible reach
  • Set-up and management of tenders and comprehensive centralised distribution strategies
  • Implementation and management of contracts across trusted and extensive network with leading broadcasters
  • In-depth knowledge of the local sports media market together with fan behaviour
  • Reporting and assessment of media rights value

Sport sponsorship is one of the most efficient and economical ways to promote brands and products through an emotional environment. Kenyanstar helps find the right “fit” for brands to reach their respective target market and overall objectives. 

Why sport sponsorship?

Sponsors gain high visibility and a fully-comprehensive engagement platform for brand building, relationship management, and campaigning. Kenyanstar provides sponsors with a wide network of extensive opportunities. Kenyanstar helps companies create brand-related conversations across all media through sponsorship and activation strategies by developing customised presentation and fan engagement approaches. Consultation is provided on the effectiveness of sponsorship and for evaluation of appropriate investment.

Kenyanstar has broad market knowledge and proven success of supporting leading brands to enter new markets and open the door to new possibilities. Gateway services provide access and assistance, without the worry or risk. Combining advanced international experience and local operational teams, Kenyanstar offers comprehensive, professional and effective sports consulting services for businesses.

Through an in-depth understanding of the local sports market, Kenyanstar delivers digital solutions to help rights holders, media companies and sponsor brands build a fully immersive and connected digital strategy - exploiting the full potential of digital for commercialising sport. Precisely, Kenyanstar Digital Solutions offers services in three key areas along the digital value chain from one central source: 1) overall digital strategy and monetisation, 2) creative and technology services and 3) content delivery.

Today’s sports fan is digitally-immersed, mobile-active, social media-savvy and content-hungry. To effectively target the digital world, Kenyanstar offers proven marketing communication tactics that engage online audiences, deliver real impact and enhance fan interaction. 

Kenyanstar understands sport and we understand digital media. Our goal is to help rights holders and their commercial partners take an all-encompassing strategic and operational approach, embracing a full range of digital solutions that will resonate with consumers. Kenyanstar continues to seek out the best in the industry, partnering with and acquiring leading digital companies to help clients develop engaging ideas, concepts and campaigns that will not only stand out, but also provide sponsors with added value and deliver measurable results.

A central team links all of Kenyanstar's digital operations and coordinates the services contributed by the different expert units within the group. This includes dedicated content, production and technological expertise, provided through Kenyanstar's digital media and post production department as well as its subsidiaries.

Services offered include:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital strategy development
  • Monetization: sponsor sales
  • Social media strategy & activation
  • Creative & Technology Services
  • Business analysis
  • User Experience Design
  • Enterprise systems
  • Native mobile application development
  • Real-time and big data management
  • In-venue technologies
  • CRM
  • Content

Content production, editing, live commentary and voice-over (multi-language) Format designing and content aggregation for TV, internet, mobile, social networks Content distribution and enabling solutions (payment solutions, encoding, streaming, YouTube channels strategy, aggregation and management, Archive and metadata solutions


It’s essential for athletes to focus on training so we handle the other every day details. With our team’s experience we help world-class athletes develop both in and out of the sporting arena, maximising and guiding the professional trajectory of their careers.

With the organisation and management of appearances we allow athletes to get close to their fan bases, showcase their personalities and leverage their personal brands. We work with our athletes to select the most relevant events for their career, so they are not only known for playing a sport but become the face of it.

Contract negotiations are where we step in to advocate for the interest of our athletes in contract deals. Our goal is to ensure our athletes sign contracts in their best interest, in line with their career trajectory, and beneficial to their image.

Branding helps us to position an athlete in a way that he or she can align with consumer or institutional brands to create winning partnerships. To ensure maximum reach on the market, we work with our athletes to create a personal brand that is true to their principles, goals and image.

Logistics are crucial to ensure athletes can get from game to conference, from home to training and much more. We handle travel, hotel, and many other bookings to make the lives of our athletes easier.

PR, digital platforms and community management play an important role in protecting, growing and promoting an athlete’s image. Our experts create strategies in line with our athlete’s personal brands to promote their goals both on and offline, working with both traditional and social media and influencers.

To transform sports events into an appealing media product ready to broadcast across any media platform, Kenyan Star Media & Sports Limited offers full service production capabilities. Producing a high-level broadcast and print media content for all sports events, Kenyanstar always delivers a premium product, regardless of location or challenge.

Kenyanstar services include every aspect and scale of multimedia production. We provide rights holders with support ranging from the host broadcast design and operation for all kinds of sports events to digital media and post-production as well as archive management. 

  • Covering the entire value chain of media production – from camera plan to post-production
  • Delivery of the full spectrum of operational services – before, during and after the event
  • Experience addressing local constraints and conditions to always deliver the highest quality
  • Development and implementation of elaborate production layouts
  • Defining technical standards and guidelines and creating technical facilities at events
  • Valuable multilateral coverage and complementary programming - first-class in quality, versatility and reliability
  • Proven unilateral production services, transmission, onsite broadcaster facilities and affordable innovations
  • Creation of tailored multimedia content for multiple platforms, devices and target audiences 
  • Qualified and dedicated team, including editors and commentators as well as producers and cameramen
  • Broadcaster servicing team at the venues coordinates onsite activities and links broadcasters to production operations

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